Choose from our beautiful, low maintenance woodgrain textured and smooth Fiberglass Doors, affordably priced steel doors or create a stunning entrance with our unsurpassed Wood Stile & Rail Doors.


Regional Availability: Portland, OR and Spokane, WA

Therma-Tru knows that the first impression of your home deserves nothing but the best. That’s why every entryway we make is expertly crafted to meet the current design and lifestyle trends that allow homeowners to feel truly at home. We invite you to explore our 2021 collection of innovative products that meet consumers’ functionality, durability and design needs.


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Regional availability: Portland, OR and Spokane, WA

Classic Craft® Series Collection

Classic Craft celebrates the best of design for homes with uncompromising style. Three expertly curated collections draw inspiration from the latest trends and bring your home design vision to life with unrivaled beauty, luxe craftsmanship and an attention to detail you won’t find anywhere else.

TT Collections
Smooth-Star, Clear Glass with GBGs, Doors – S82103, Finish – Onyx

Fiber-Classic® Collections

From curb appeal to convenience, our Fiber-Classic collections feature wood grains to suit any style. Choose from two wood-grained collections, in a wide variety of door sizes and glass designs, or the perfect fiberglass door to fit a variety of home styles.


Looking to add a splash of color to your entryway? Smooth-Star is the answer for your home with a smooth, paintable surface.

Smooth-Star fiberglass doors are ready-to-paint (no need to prime!) with crisp, clean contours. Budget friendly, with a variety of glass options.

Pulse® Collections

Clean lines. Crisp angles. Sleek designs. Vintage style. Pulse is a contemporary series of door styles and glass designs that can be combined to make a bold statement. With three distinct aesthetic approaches — Ari, Linea and Echo — the entrance becomes modern art

TT Collections2

Steel Doors

Coupling distinctive styling with affordability, our steel doors offer versatile front entry and house-to-garage options. If you’re looking for the durability and security of steel with maximum style versatility, look no further. Designed to suit multiple home styles, these doors feature 24-gauge steel and triple-shadowed panel embossments for greater detail. Because they come with a smooth, ready-to-paint surface, you can customize them in any color to suit your personal expression. And fire-rated options are available, making them a great choice for your house-to-garage door.


Regional availability: Seattle, WA

Our high quality doors and stunning glass designs offer you solutions for all your building needs. Let the beauty and exceptional performance of the Alliance Door System inspire you.

Architectural design, placement, environment and exposure each present a different set of challenges. Tailored to your needs, our door systems allow you to address these challenges by choosing from a wide variety of quality high-performance system components. Custom machined components make installation at the job site quick and worry-free.

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ADS System Components

Shown here are just a few examples of our wide selection of Smooth Series Doors. They come in 6'8", 7'0" and 8'0" heights. Select 3'6" wide doors styles also available. Find exceptional decorative glass designs, direct glazed options, Simulated Divided Lites, Blinds and Vents to create a stunning entry ways and increase the curb appeal of your home.

Craftsman Ovolo
Nova 90

Commercial ADA Flush Glazed doors and Closure/Panic Blocked Fire doors provide solutions for your light commercial building needs.

Commercial ADA
Fire Rated
Field Trimmable

Our premium steel doors offer the strength and durability of steel in classic designs, creating an attractive side or utility door entrance. Primed and ready to paint, steel doors provide a great value.

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Regional availability: Seattle, WA


20.088 ADP Simpson Door Front Cover

As the first and last impression, your door stands for your creativity and stile. Welcome beauty and quality to your home with Simpson's comprehensive collection of exterior doors.

Simpson's comprehensive line of interior and exterior stile and rail doors includes hundreds of standard options from panel to French to decorative doors with matching sidelights and transoms.

Wood doors give you the greatest versatility in designs, styles and sizes. Available in a variety of wood species and glass options, Simpson provides customers with the door they desire, whether it is a standard design or a one-of-a-kind custom door.

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