Discover the home decorating value of interior doors; whether you choose molded, flush or wood stile & rail interior doors to complement your interior décor, you are sure to elevate the comfort and style of your home.

Molded & Flush Doors


Let Lynden Door be your guide to discovering interior doors as a design element. Their passion for innovation and design excellence, their environmentally intelligent choices and surprising affordability will ensure that interior doors play a central role in your design aesthetic.

Discover the home decorating value of interior doors; whether you choose molded or flush interior doors to complement the décor of your home, you are sure to elevate the comfort, functionality and style of your home.

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Wood Stile & Rail Doors


Enhance your home from the inside out with Simpson Door Company’s comprehensive collection of interior doors.

As life goes through your home, you need the right door to be part of it. Simpson Door interior doors are created with the same level of care and craftsmanship that you have come to expect from Simpson Door exterior doors. We help you create the look you are striving for.

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With Stallion Doors there is something for everyone and something for every room! Choose from our extensive selection of door designs, species, glass and panel construction, mix species or replace any wood panels with glass, chalkboard or marker board; or replace any straight panels with a louver. You now have the freedom to choose a door for your unique style that is distinctly you.

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French Doors

Fabricated in our Western Canadian door shops, using the finest materials from major manufacturers, Alliance Door Products offers a full range of French Doors.

We draw from inventories in Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary & Abbotsford, for an extensive selection and fast lead times. Importantly, each branch’s stocking program is customized to suit local preferences.

Simpson Door Primed French and Panel Doors