Solid Wood Door Frames


We offer a solid Douglas Fir and Hemlock door system for staining or a primed frame for painting.

The engineered jamb legs (solid wood edge-glued over finger-jointed solid wood)
are dimensionally more stable than a one-piece jamb leg and resist twisting or bowing.


Solid wood interior door frames are available in Primed, Hemlock, Fir and Knotty Alder.

Wood Plastic Composite Exterior Door Frames & Mouldings

This solid, low-maintenance option is durable and resistant to moisture, rot and insects. Test results show very little warping, expansion and splitting when installed properly. Made from wood fiber, wood plastic composites behave like real wood when manipulated. These woodgrain textured frame components can be machined, stained or painted. This 100% recyclable product is a cost effective, low-maintenance alternative to solid wood exterior door frames.


SuperFrames are an innovative product that takes advantage of the durability of Bamboo. The finger-jointed Chinese Cedar jamb legs are joined with 8 inches of Bamboo at the base and are nearly impervious to water infiltration, bug infestation and common rot. This frame system is primed and sealed on all sides so it is easy to paint without additional sanding or priming. SuperFrame offers superior performance at a great value.

Composite Frame Cladding - “Ideal for Canadian climates; the perfect partner for Tru-Defense frame systems!”

  • Composite Frame Cladding will not absorb or wick moisture and will never warp, splinter or rot.
  • Closed cellular structure ensures door frame and molding will not absorb or wick moisture and prevents warping, rotting and splitting.
  • Twice the screw-holding power of traditional wood door frames.
  • As easily machined as wood frames.



Multi-Point Locking Systems

For beauty, security, strength, and peace of mind that it will work as a system, chose Endura Multi-Point Locking System. Trilennium's patented system of bolts and roller strikes draws the door into perfect alignment, correcting imperfections up to 3/16" in three directions. At the same time the beauty of our hardware is sure to impress even the most discerning eye. Please check with your Alliance Door Products representative for door handle availability.
US Patents: 7,753,418; 8,182,002; Canadian Patents: 2,562,430; 2,605,002.


A sill option for any application; full composite, high dam adjustable inswing sills with composite cap and nose are stock items in a mill and bronze finish; aluminum and oak outswing sills as well as public access sills complete our offering.